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It’s a real and old tradition to find sparkling wines in Provence wine cooperative cellars. For Bonnieux, we developped more than 20 years ago a partnership with a Burgundy company, specialist in A.O.C. Cremant and other sparkling wines. We send white and rosé wines in vrac and we receive the sparkling wine bottles, after wine making and ageing.

Blanc de Blanc Brut Sparkling wine

Sans I.G.


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Appellation Sans I.G.
Cuvée Blanc de Blanc Brut Sparkling wine
Packaging bottles 75 Cl
Color white
Alcohol content 11.5°C
Grape variety Ugni blanc, Clairette
Vinification Still wine is bottled with a mixture of sugar and yeasts just when the sap rises. This helps a second fermentation in the bottle and the resulting carbon dioxide gas produces bubbles.The bottles are laid on their side and the dead yeast create a sediment in the bottle. The wines rests on its lees for 9 months. After ageing, the « remuage » (riddling) process allows the sediment to collect in the neck of the bottle. Now a mechanical remuage is possible thanks to gyropallette system.When the wine has completed its ageing period « sur pointes » (pointing downward), the sediment is removed. The neck of the bottle is frozen, and the block of ice containing the sediment is removed. This is the « dégorgement ».
The bottle is topped up with wine and « liqueur de dosage » according the requested sugar contant (dry or half dry).
Tasting comments
Color : Limpid yellow color with fine bubbles.
Nose :Lively and fruity nose with white fruits and exotic fruits aromas.
Bouche :Round and good-balanced.
Keeping 2 years
Matches Perfect as an aperitiv wine. Serve chilled 7-8°C
Price 8 € VAT
Availability Yes