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We suggest that you read the following general sales conditions that legally determine the contractual relation between La Cave de Bonnieux, Quartier de la Gare, 84480 Bonnieux (herein called "We") and all persons undertaking a purchase (herein called "you") through the means of our online boutique at the following website www.cave-bonnieux.com (herein called "the website").

All orders undertaken through the Cave de Bonnieux imply the understanding and acceptance of the general sales conditions.


You declare that you are at least 18 years of age and have the legal right or possess the parental authorization to effectuate a purchase on the website. All orders undertaken on the website must correspond with the normal consumption needs of a household. We reserve the right to cancel any order that appears to be fraudulent. We have a 6 bottle (1 carton) minimum order requirement and/or 5liters for a Bag-in-Box minimum order requirement. It is possible to mix and match your cartons. No order will be accepted until our written confirmation by email has been sent. The contract will then be constituted. We reserve the right to refuse an order.


The product sales prices are those which are valid at the moment of the order registration. The prices are in Euros and are net prices but do not include transport costs. We reserve the right to modify prices during the year but we guarantee prices confirmed for your given order. Transport costs are born by you and are added to the cost of the order. The transport costs are indicated during the order registration.


Payments are effectuated on a per order basis and in the following fashion: - by personal cheque written to the order of La Cave de Bonnieux. - By debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard; American Express) through a secure payment system. You authorize your bank to debit your account in advance after having received from us all records or statements even in the absence of invoices signed by the card holder. The amount of the debit authorization shall include the total amount of the purchased product, eventual customs fees and corresponding transport costs. An invoice shall be sent to you upon the receipt and dispatch. We reserve the right to cancel any or all orders of a customer with whom we are having collections difficulties or a dispute for previous orders.


Shipping will take place only after we have received the payment of the invoice. Through our transport company we undertake to respect all shipping deadlines that have been agreed upon through a sales contract signed with said transport company. We are not liable for any delays prevailing from our transport company or any other unforeseen shipment delay due to an extraordinary event. The shipment pick up will be effectuated from Monday to Friday. Shipping delivery deadlines are a minimum of 72 hours. We undertake to communicate to you by email stock outages of any or all products relating to your order. In the case of a stock outage, we reserve the right to send to you an equivalent sales proposition. If this is refused by you, the sale will be null and void. We have selected transport companies according to our technical specification plan and who are contractually bound. When you receive your order, it is your responsibility to check the conformity and state of all shipped products. After verifying the integrity of the received order, in the case of any deterioration or error, you must write this on the transport packing list. In the absence of such notification you will have been considered as having renounced to any legal action pertaining to la Cave de Bonnieux. In the event of any difficulties please contact our client service department. In the case of a late shipment of over 7 days and not the result of an extraordinary event or circumstance, you may contest the sales contract by email or accept a new deadline relinquishing the right to an eventual discount.


Pursuant to article L. 121-16 of the Consumer Code, you have a 7 day period from the date of the emission of the packing list to return the goods at your own cost of a purchased product without stating a particular motive. After this delay the right to return is no longer valid. The product must be returned in its initial packaging, in perfect condition with no exterior markings and must be accompanied by a copy of the packing list. If the returned merchandise is due to an error on our part, we will pay the return transport costs. In this case you must join to the returned merchandise, the invoice outlining the return transport cost in order for us to be able to reimburse you. You have authorized us in advance to be able to undertake a in-depth inspection of the returned goods before we exchange or reimburse these products. The sealed products must be in the exact same state to be returned. The reimbursement will take place within 30 days beginning on the date of reception of the products by the Cave de Bonnieux


In conformity with the law of the 12th of May, 1980 (N°80-335) The Cave de Bonnieux is the proper owner of the delivered goods up until the time that the complete payment (cash "under good end") of the price and accompanying costs. You agree not to resell, pledge or assign as security, the product sold unless the amount due to us has not been fully paid. “Payment” is defined as the effective receipt of the total price of the products sold (wine + transport costs + any incidental expenses) to our account. In the absence of the above, the products will be re-claimed by us.


Our products are in conformity with the current legislation in our country. In the case of a product defect, you possess the legal guaranty of against hidden defects under article 1641 of the French Civil Code.


Your personal coordinates are used uniquely for the processing of your order. They will in no way be communicated to a third party. You also have the possibility to change your personal information. Unless stated otherwise by you, we may send you personalized communications regarding our sales promotions


In derogation to articles 1341 and in line with the French Civil Code, the computerized input that we keep constitutes the proof of the contractual obligations between both parties. You have the right to submit contrary proof or evidence to our allegations. This mode of proof is equally valid for amounts below as well as above 800 Euros.


All claims for reimbursement must be addresses by postal mail to the Cave de Bonnieux or by email to our client service department. It will then be examined and processed promptly. In the case of a difficulty in applying the current contract, the two parties must seek firstly an amiable solution before undertaking any legal action. In the case of a failure of the amiable solution, the relevant litigation concerning the interpretation or execution of the above, current contract will be dealt with under the jurisdiction of the Tribunal de Grande Instance d'AVIGNON (Department 84) in France.


We reserve the right to adapt or change at any moment the present General Sales Conditions that will be immediately made available to the buyer by an internet update. The General Sales Conditions are applicable to sales contracts at the moment of the order.